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Posted by on Oct 13, 2017 in Love, Relationships, Services, Sex, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Become The Dream London Escort

One of my friends who works for London escorts, lost a lot of weight, but I am not sure that she got it right. She still works for London escorts, but she seemed to have lost so much more than her weight. In fact, I think that she has lost both her personality and her feminine figure. I did realise that I needed to lose some weight, but I did not want to lose what I called my feminine touch.

Some women don’t think about anything else than losing weight when they diet, but I have learned that men really do appreciate a few curves and a fuller bust. If you check out the top London escorts, you will find that they are not super skinny. Most of sexiest London escorts, have rather feminine figures, but manage to look fit and in shape at the same time. I am sure that they don’t get those from eating Kellogg’s Special K three times per day.

Instead of cutting out all of the fat and protein out of my diet, I decided to diet to keep my feminine figure instead. At the time I felt sure that certain London escorts had realised the relationship between protein and hormonal balance, and their feminine figures were not an accident at all. As a matter of fact, I was sure the sexiest London escort, worked pretty hard when it came to keeping their figures feminine.

What you eat matters a lot when you want to keep your feminine figure, but so does the right kind of exercise. When you burn off too much under skin, you soon end up looking a bit “haggard” as I like to say. Looking at the elite girls who worked for London escorts, you could quickly tell that they did not look haggard at all. Their skin was plump and at the same time, most of London escorts’ elite girls managed to look really healthy. It was clear that they exercised in the right way, and also spent a lot of money on skin care.

I was not sure what secret elite London escorts had, so I decided to find a personal trainer who could help. At my local gym in London, I met this girl called Vikki. She was not skinny, instead she looked healthy and very “girlie”. I explained that I wanted to keep a feminine look but lose weight at the same time. She got the idea, and explained that I needed to lose weight slowly and exercise gently. A couple of months later, a new me emerged. I was not super skinny, but I looked good. It was then I realised that it was all about confidence, but a pair of sexy outfits, and it was not long before I was pulling in some of the hottest dinner dates at London escorts. No my bum does not look big in my leggings, instead it is the perfect shape a gent appreciates, and neither have I lost my 34 E cleavage.

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Sexual Sadism: What Is It And What Causes It?

Sexual Sadism: What Is It And What Causes It?

Sexual sadism comes and goes in terms of public awareness. Every few years some film or book will bring the issue back to the forefront of public discussions, but it will then soon fade into the background again. Many people express strong opinions about sexual sadism, one way or the other, even though it is a topic that is shrouded in ignorance. Here is a brief outline of sexual sadism and its causes, to help cut through the fog of myth and rumor that surrounds this subject.

What Is Sexual Sadism?

The defining feature of sexual sadism is the sexual excitement that occurs as a result of administering pain, humiliation or suffering on another person. The infliction on the other person is real and not imagined, and it may be psychological or physical or both. People who express sadism are commonly known as sadists, the name being derived from the Marquis de Sade, an 18th century aristocrat who wrote widely on the subject.

Sexual sadism is classified as a paraphilia, which are mental disorders that involve unusual sexual practices or involve inappropriate or non-consenting partners. Paraphilia’s involve recurring sexually arousing fantasies and urges, and often involve overt behaviors as well.

The acts fantasized about or performed by a sadist will usually reflect some desire for psychological or sexual domination of others. These acts will range from behaviors that are not physically harmful, although they will be humiliating to the other person, to illegal and possibly deadly behavior. These acts of domination include restraining or imprisonment using cages, ropes or chains. Other fantasies and acts relating to sadism involve paddling, whipping, spanking, burning, administering electrical shocks, beating, biting, defecating or urinating, cutting, murder, rape and mutilation.


There are no widely accepted theories that explain the origin of sadism. Some studies try to explain sexual paraphilia’s generally as resulting from biological factors. The evidence supporting this view comes from abnormal findings during neurological tests on sex offenders.

Some studies argue that paraphilia’s are the result of other problems, such as schizophrenia, brain injury or other mental disorders, since people with sexual disorders are often diagnosed with other mental disorders.

Another major theory concerning paraphilia’s comes from learning theory. It argues that paraphilia’s develop when the person is forced to suppress inappropriate sexual fantasies. Since the fantasies are not acted upon, the urge only increases. When the fantasies are finally acted upon, the person is in a state of significant arousal or distress.

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